Mental Health Solutions

Reports, Training, Counselling and Advice from Mental Health Specialists


  • Prasanna and Sheenagh provide half day and full day training sessions at sites selected by clients, focussed on practical skills and know how designed to help staff early in to their vocation in helping people with mental health issues.

  • Prasanna provides training in Dementia awareness and practical problem solving to help this vulnerable client group. This half day session is directed at community and residential care staff, and uses visual and musical aids.

  • A further half day session is available for solicitors as well as hospital or practice based staff on the application of the Mental Capacity Act, and in particular the requirements to ascertain capacity in care and treatment.

  • Prasanna also provides a full day session on risk assessment and management with the perspective of avoiding bias when making judgements and decisions.

  • Sheenagh provides half day (taster) sessions on counselling skills, motivational interviewing and life coaching. These sessions are particularly helpful to people managers.

  • Prasanna and Sheenagh can provide joint sessions on management of particular mental health conditions (such as anxiety or depression) bringing together medical and non medical skills and perspectives.

Useful resources

  1. Prasanna’s publications relevant to dementia

  2. Publications relevant to managing bias and communication